APPLY - 12th edition - 2017

The Festival’s object is human rights.

No further preliminaries on the film’s content, style or techniques apply.

Films and videos may be submitted for selection by the filmmakers themselves, by producers, distributors or their legal representatives.

Each year, one day is dedicated to a specific theme. For the 12th edition, the main theme will be Radicalism and Populism, in a wide aspect including causes and consequences.

Films treating other human rights issues will be screened during the other 5 days of the festival


Application to the Festival’s 12th edition


No entry fees are due for submitting films.

Film productions completed after January 1, 2015 are admissible to the festival.

DVD copies and protected links to online films will be accepted in order to process the application. The following screening formats will be accepted: BluRay, HDV, DVCAM, MINIDV, DVD Pal, file Apple ProRes.

Viewing copy shall be subtitled in English.

English subtitled versions of Albanian films are welcomed.

A separate application form should be used for each film. The form must be completely filled in. The form, all the necessary documents and the viewing copy must be received by IHRFFA, by July 10, 2017.


Please provide the following with your DVD or protected link:

The filled in Entry Form (click to download)

A synopsis in English,

At least two different stills from the film,

The Director’s biography.


Films can be submitted online



Return of the preview DVD:

Submitted DVD's will not be returned to the entrants.

IHRFFA keeps the DVD's for non-circulating reference in its archive.

Those who request return of the DVD's will be asked to cover postal expenses to the value of 10 €.


Selection of the Film

The festival’s Selection Committee makes the first selection of films. Selection decisions made by the festival’s Selection Committee are final.

Priority might be given to films that address topics chosen for the Festival.

Priority might be given to Albanian, European or World Premieres.

Priority might be given to works that are example of formal and technical innovation.

The films will be translated and subtitled in Albanian, by the festival.

If a film is selected, publicity material (press books, posters, stills, English dialogs list, etc) must have been received by IHRFFA organisation by August 15, 2017.



After a film’s selection in IHRFFA program, the festival has the right to:

Use max. three minutes of documentary or feature film for broadcasting purposes on television.

Use max. three minutes of a documentary or feature film for broadcasting on the internet.

Use in the publicity material (press books, posters, stills, festival trailer etc.) to promote the Festival.


Transport of festivals prints:

The deadline for films and extra materials to arrive in Tirana is August 25, 2017. Works which arrive after this date will not be guaranteed inclusion in the Festival. All hard copies must be sent to:


IHRFFA - International Human Rights Film Festival Albania

Academy of Film & Multimedia Marubi

Rr. Aleksandër Moisiu nr. 78


Tiranë AL1005



In Addition, the sender will be asked to sent a dispatch note to the Festival via Airmail, Fax or E-mail, indicating the date of the shipment.

A pro-forma-invoice for maximum 20 € (it must not be higher) should be enclosed in shipping with express mail services from non-EU countries, stating the name of sender, the title of the film, its size, length and whether it is in colour or black and white

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