Margaritka-70 years old is the mother of Nevena and Borislava. In the eighties in Bulgaria, as a student in machine building, marries Stalin-a co-worker in the same institute. She marries her because he rapes her and she is pregnant, so there is no other option for her. She does not want to be the mother of the illegal child. Stalin thinks that beating his pregnant wife daily and roughly is something ordinary. Margaritka in order to retain her social status in society and not to be the bearer of the shameful name of being a “divorce woman”, has to suffer by being beaten and the daily harassment. She also has to hide this from her family and neighbors, despite them knowing but not taking action to stop it.
Nevena is the kid that is born. In the film she is a 37 year old woman. She works in the Municipality of Plovdiv as an engineer, but because of the constant harassment from her father that she goes through, she always has to hide in crisis centers. When Nevena turns ten, her whole family goes to the Soviet Union, where her parents are on a business trip. Her father is one of the most respected specialists, a fellow whose knowledge goes to the exploitation of new factories. He is the perfect co-worker and fellow, for whom all have good comments. At home, however, after closing the front door he beats to death his wife and daughter. He, nonetheless, does not beat his other daughter Borislava. But she is not strong enough to endure the “nonstandard practice” of the family and before she turns eighteen she has to go to a mental psychiatry. Borislava, 35 years old, is a young woman, but incurably mentally sick and lives in a room with special helping gear. This gear is specially made to prevent the suicide attempts, after the first one, luckily, unsuccessful. After the divorce of the mother Margarita and Stalin, the younger sister from an A student turns into a mentally broken creature that needs to be cared for 24 hours a day, either by her mother or sister. The three women together with the son of Nevena, Nicky, try to continue on with their lives.








30 min


Efemia Fard

Written By

Efemia Fard


Veselin Hristov


M.J.E.3 LTD, G and G 55 LTD – Eskandary Phard


15 September 2020, 19:30


Marubi Open Air Cinema

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