The International Human Rights Film Festival Albania (IHRFFA), now a tradition for the Albanian public, has been operating since 2006. The continuity of its activity is ensured thanks to the cooperation and support of the Festival’s partners.

IHRFFA has an established and consolidated structure, an important part of which is the Festival Board. The Festival Board consists of 3 members and in this regard it is worth mentioning the fruitful contribution given by senior OSCE representatives in Albania, who have held the position of Chairman of the Board. In this regard, we are pleased to announce the election of the Ambassador of the OSCE Presence in Albania, HE Vincenzo Del Monaco, in the capacity of Chairman of the Festival Board.

We believe in the fruitful cooperation and valuable contribution of Mr. Del Monaco for the continuity of the Festival with its successes.


17 January 2022


Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi

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