Press Conference of the 18th edition

The 18th edition of the International Human Rights Film Festival Albania organized by the Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi starts on Monday 18 Sept. in Tirana.

49 films will be screened starting from September 18th through the 23rd at the Academy Marubi’s cinema hall as well as in other venues such as the Parliament of Albania, the Authority for the Disclosure of Secret Records of the Communist Regime State Security, the Police Academy, the School of Magistrates, the “Max Velo” cinema in Laprakë, the Center for Openness and Dialogue at the premises of the Prime Minister’s Office, The Polis University.

The films are directly related to the theme of this edition “Truth, Impunity and Human Rights”.

Kosova, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Russia, Palestine, Hungary, Germany, Uganda, etc., are the countries incorporated in the film map of this edition along with their respective languages, bringing cases of punishment and impunity through documentaries and feature films.
International trials for crimes against humanity, methods of eliminating political opponents in communist systems, women’s deprivation of the right to work, ill-treatment and torture of Albanians in Serbian prisons, cities under the control of the mafia, are some of the topics covered in the films of this edition.

In today’s media conference, the founder and Executive Director of the Festival Kujtim Çashku and the Artistic Programmer, Magali Çashku, shared additional details with journalists.


Academy of Film and Multimedia Marubi

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