Forum – Day 2

Screening of the film URDHËRA VRASJESH NGA BEOGRADI at the Files Authority

“ASSASSINATION ORDERS FROM BELGRADE” is the documentary that was shown today at the Authority for Information on Former State Security Documents in the presence of partners, actors of memory and researchers whose work is focused on clarifying the communist past in the country.
The documentary was shown as part of the 18th Edition of the International Film Festival for Human Rights, organized by the Academy of Film and Multimedia “Marubi”.
The film describes the history of Yugoslav state terrorism told for the first time from the perspective of the victims. Yugoslavia’s communist secret service killed at least 78 Croatian exiles around the world. The youngest victims were just three and nine years old. Most of the murders were committed in the Federal Republic of Germany. However, it was only in 2005 that the Munich judicial authorities began to consistently investigate these murders and punish the perpetrators.
The discussion panel was led by Prof. Theodore S. Orlin, Honorary President and human rights activist, Mrs. Elsa Ballauri, Executive Director of the Albanian Group for Human Rights, as well as Mr. Kujtim Çashku, Executive Director of the International Film Festival for Human Rights in Albania, who emphasized the need of the Albanian society to encourage further the process of de-communism in the country and the punishment of past crimes.


19 Shtator 2023, 11:00


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